Foundational Building of the Emotional Armor - Emotional Armor Chapter 2

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Develop Your Emotional Armor
By:  Shawn P. West, MEng, MBB.
Develop your Emotional Armor is bridging the gap to understanding your emotions; it is a beacon light to eliminate depression, isolation, and emptiness. It helps you to build strong connection and relation within yourself to strengthen you psychologically. It is the best book for depression and anxiety related issues people often face in their daily life.

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Foundational Building of the Emotional Armor

Foundational Building of the Emotional Armor

Chapter 2

Every child who goes through verbal abuse while growing can grow up to have anxiety, depression, stress fear and PTSD. There are also many irregularities in the person’s behavior. They overcome those verbal abuse that they receive by building a barrier from themselves. This armor that they have built is for their own protection and can lead a person to be strong, if the armor is built the right way.  Not only kids, but adults can be in a similar situation where they need an emotional armor for themselves to protect themselves in certain situations.

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By: Shawn P. West, MEng, MBB.

Develop Your Emotional Armor

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