5 Smart Steps to Combat Workplace Bullying

Posted on: June 14th, 2018


As Tim Field said:

Most organizations have a serial bully. It never ceases to amaze me how one person’s divisive dysfunctional behavior can permeate the entire organization like a cancer.”

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There are a lot of people who has been a massive target of workplace bullying, as they are very well aware of the pain and anger caused by this type of humiliation and harassment.  It is not necessary to feel good after dealing with these situations. By doing this you may have a sign of relief that you don’t need to work with the bully anymore. But there are some remaining effect of the situations you experienced. However, workplace bullying leave its marks on your mental and physical health.

This can also lead you to anxiety and trigger the feelings that you are facing, whereas the road to recovery may be quite difficult and challenging. If you differ with someone’s opinion it is totally normal. You just need to believe in yourself and try to work a little harder with a bit of extra effort. You need to learn from your surroundings especially workplace and try to learn from it as much as you can. Try to use your self-confidence to boost and strengthen up your personality as well your career.

How you deal with the situation defines you as a person. You need to recognize the bullies at your workplace and try to avoid them or take action against them. Office politics is the major drawback in any organization which can be overcome by reading best books on office politics. You just need to pay attention to the responsibility they are assigned with and ignore all the negative thoughts of bullying at the workplace. Leave the harsh words and attitude in the past and try to recover from the surrounding as soon as you can.

In the recent past years, workplace bullying has been the most common widespread problem that is being faced all over the world. Workplace bullying is an offensive misconduct of the victim, for instance intimidating, humiliating and threatening the victim and verbally abusing as well. Unlike school bullying, workplace bullying is a secondary issue ignored by the media again and again.

Overall, all these definitions of workplace bullying summarizes bullying as a mental agony, yet very few victims seek spiritual therapy. Victims try to repress the emotional sufferings within themselves and perceive the issue as a form of embarrassment.

People seek for plenty of advices from coworkers and family on how to handle the situation and make it stop. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, people receive advices that are impractical and can make the situation even worse. Workplace bullying is the most unethical thing when you are working in a professional environment, where things are kept pretty professional. Following are the top 5 things that you can do to combat from workplace bullying;

  1. Emotional Support:

Whenever bullying takes place in any organization employer groups usually pay no attention to this problem. Ignoring it doesn’t imply that the problem does not exist. By not incorporating the term into the culture of the organization, we are only exacerbating it through not bringing awareness into the workplace. This is why the bully fears no one and becomes more confident while the human resources department keep on ignoring the problematic acts of bullying. People continuously criticize and spread rumors, which makes you lonely, hopeless and extremely isolated. To fight with this negativity you need to overcome your self-esteem and confidence.

  1. Ask Questions:

It always makes you suspicious about what others say about you and you only ask “What really makes you say that”. Don’t act like this immediately or feel upset about it, try to act confused.  Confuse the bully as much as you can until they gives up and get away with it. Don’t ever make harsh statements. Try to talk calm and don’t react to things instantly.

  1. Workplace Education:

Throughout the centuries, help with workplace bullying came through making prayers to the God. For proper guidance, pastoral counseling and spiritual healing methods were promoted in different cultures and faiths within communities. In this era, workplace bullying has gained national awareness and victims can openly talk it out in their therapy sessions. However, the general population is still unsure about the reasons behind their work stress and may have no idea that this stress originates from workplace bullying.

  1. Point of View:

As a result of this workplace bullying, the efficiency and emotional well-being of the victims get affected, making them go through stress and anxiety disorders on a usual basis. Not just that, workplace bullying affects the victim’s economic, family, and social conditions, as well as their mental and physical health. Moreover, it eats away their sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-assurance and the quality of life deteriorates while the bullying keeps on increasing. According to the findings of the Association of Psychological Science, workplace bullying is a never-ending cycle of stress and anxiety which increases the chances of verbal and physical abuse at work.


  1. Speak Up:

If anyone makes any remarks about your clothing or your appearance other than your work, you need to shut them up immediately. We usually give other benefit of the doubt, but we are usually a target and don’t let people surpass us. It’s your boss job to help you improve and correct you where needed. But if it gets below the level where you can feel like being bullied, you need to give a shut up call in a very professional way. Workplace bullying won’t let you do the wok in a professional environment. Never react to bad things you hear from others, you need to ask and clarify things on your own. Or you can observe the person and analyze if he can say things about you or not, then deal with it. You need to believe in your self-esteem and if you fail to do so there are Books to improve Your Self Esteem as well. If you cannot handle the situation take it as a warning for yourself and your coworkers as well.

Workplace bullies somewhat behaves like teen bullies, where they intimidate their victims and try to scare them by spreading rumors. Workplace bullying somewhat damages the entire workplace environment and attitude of the coworkers. If you want to know the insight of workplace bullying there are Books on Workplace Bullying, which will help you deal with it in an appropriate manner.

Moreover, organization should try to keep their responsibility by giving the employees a safe environment. Due to the workplace bullying, human resources department try to bring up new policies and procedures to reduce this and investigate the situations to achieve better environmental goals.

Presently, several laws have been approved to look after children and hotlines are being used to report school bullying problems. Similarly, when it comes to workplace bullying strict action should be taken against it in any organization, to avoid this mental pressure and trauma that employees face and try to get rid of it as much as you can. If you want to work with determination and prosperity, you need to have an anti-bullying department which will come under human resources department in your organization to deal with it and take strict action against it if necessary.

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