12 Tips for Managing Your Depression

Posted on: June 3rd, 2018

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Depression is a typical and genuine medicinal ailment that influences how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Luckily, it is likewise treatable and controllable as well. Depression or misery causes sentiments of pity or potentially lost interest that you once appreciated. It can prompt emotional and physical issues and can diminish a man’s capacity to work or function properly. It makes you mentally drained and frustrated.

It is generally very normal to feel sad and despair in your life changing events. Such event could be stress, life loss, or disappointment.  In most cases, you feel miserable and believe that there is no way out of this depression.

So, here are 12 tips to manage your depression and get rid of it.

  • Stop giving benefits to others:

There are a lot of people who think that self-sacrifice is the best thing that they can do for others. You feel good when you work on behalf of others by helping them.  But every time this is ot necessary you don’t have to look great all the time. You should start to say no and try to maintain the decorum of the organization. Saying NO to people doesn’t make you selfish. It is all about maintaining and controlling your life as much as it I required.

  • Time Management:

The main thing you need to analyze is the time management. How you manage your time is the real deal but you can work on it easily. You just need to promote yourself and not spend your whole time in just one thing. Find the balance for yourself and try to hang on it as long as you can. As we have heard that slow and steady wins the race, but here you cannot stuck yourself for forever. You need to find effective and efficient ways of working.

  • Avoid Social networking:

Social networking is nowadays playing a very major part in depression. It kills the time which could have been used productively. Social networking is useful for some extent only, if you’ll exceed it you have to pay the consequences. Social profiles are surrounded by a lot of people. You need to minimize the time of socializing with people and wasting time. not everyone can maintain the balance of work, family and socializing but if you try you can succeed.

  • Schedule your day:

You need to schedule your day with respect to your requirements. Keep a calendar or reminder with yourself and schedule every minute and hour of the day that will make your life easy as you want it be. Don’t over complicate your life try to spend your time effectively if you want to get rid of depression.


  • Fulfillment of the goals:

If you say that goals are same as a dream then you are wrong. Goals are achieved when you work hard to achieve it. Not always achievement is everything. You need to utilize your potential to get to your goals.  To attain your desired goals you need to get your head right and then work for its attainment.

  • Speak Gently:

You should always speak gently whether you are working in a professional environment or not. The way you talk or behave leaves impression on others. You need to soften your tone when you engage discussion with someone, be kind when you talk to others and try to leave some good impression on them.

  • Take Care of Yourself:

Many people manage their private lives with their work. You need to first take care of your health so that can work properly in office. Before taking care of others you need to take care of yourself. But people sometimes make it hard that as if it isn’t possible. Everything is possible but only if you want to. When you take less care of yourself and neglect your health, you will someone suffer depression. Always prefer working for the things that matters you the most.

  • Release Stress and Anxiety:

Try to engage yourself in some activity that can release your stress and anxiety. You need to focus on the other areas too so that you can get rid of the depression that you are facing. Stress and anxiety plays the major part in releasing your stress. One more thing is that you need a proper sleep if you want to avoid stress. Overstressing yourself doesn’t get anything better.

  • Workout:

Our mental and physical health is also related to out anxiety. A proper daily workout or an hour walk is very essential for your peace of mind and it is the easiest way to avoid stress. It can be very effective for your health and lifting your mood too.

  • Positive Thinking:

If you want to get of depression you need to be good and a positive thinker. Be aware of your own thoughts, it can positive or negative. Everyone has their own way of looking though the situations. You need to have an optimistic approach, if you want to get rid of depression. Negative thoughts are the major reason of depressions.

  • Express Yourself through Writing:

When you don’t know how to bring out your stress and anxiety, you can release it through your writing. Words can speak louder than voice. It can make you feel better and more relaxing. Your thoughts and concerns can be released through writing pretty well. Writing down your feelings and challenges with depression can release their emotions. You’ll be astonished at how much better you feel after putting your words to paper for just a few minutes every day.

  • Talk to a therapist:

When you don’t find anyone to share your thoughts to so the best option is to consult a therapist. They can help you to express the issues that you can share together are how to improve your self-esteem, shift from negative to positive thinking, and practice stress management.

Depression is the worst situation that drops down your energy and make you feel drained. It leaves you unconfident and makes everything difficult to handle. Not only limited to that but it also stops you to take the steps that can help you to feel recovered. It stops you to get better! However, overcoming depression is not that easy and quick, but it isn’t impossible or you can say it’s far from impossible. It’s not instant! But you have to take the initiative and follow some steps to lessen your depression and anxiety for that you can read books for depression and anxiety. You can’t just sit and it will happen on its own. You have more control on yourself then you realize—even if your depression is severe and stubbornly determined. The goal is to take small and effective steps and build from there. Indeed! Feeling better and normal requires time. It is easy when you are positive about it and put your hundred percent efforts each day.


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By: Shawn P. West, MEng, MBB.

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